BespokeCurtain Tracks and Poles from tracks-direct

The construction of your home is greatly enhanced with the accessories you put in them. Some decorate their homes with the type of furniture they buy. Others also hang different wall ornaments. The simplest thing to do to enhance your home is to add curtains. Now, if you have a well-designed and unique home, chances are, you find it difficult to buy poles and tracks that would fit your windows. Some people tend to buy tracks and poles that do not even match the size or the shape of their windows. The main reason why they do this is because they just can’t find anything to match their windows so they grab the nearest match. But you need not to worry because there are companies who offer bespoke tracks and poles. They will able to create beautiful curtain tracks and poles that are specially made for your windows.


Who creates bespoke tracks and poles?

Tracks-direct is a UK company who has over 40 years of experience.They providebespoke tracks and poles. They also manufacture, supply and assemble them. There is a wide variety of tracks and poles for you to choose from. This enables you to choose which style you would like for your home. Curtains are not the only ones that you should carefully buy; you should also prepare the poles or tracks where you hang them. Match your elegant and wonderful curtains with sophisticated and regal poles or tracks. Choose from the different styles available at

What is the difference between curtain tracks and curtain poles?

Curtain tracks are also called curtain rails. They use gliders in order for you to easily open and close the curtains. Cords or electric motors could also be added to the tracks to help you manipulate your curtains. These would make opening and closing your curtains easier. On the other hand, poles use circular rings to open or close the curtains. Curtain poles could also be more bespoke when you choose the finials and midials of the poles. This could add to the theme and elegance of your home.

How do they create bespoke tracks or poles?

Tracks-direct can create tracks or poles for windows of different sizes and shapes through their software. They use this software for plotting the measurements of the tracks and poles. Clients are instructed to measure their windows and the measurement is then plotted using the software. The software will then show them where every bent is to be made. The measurementensures that each of the tracks and poles are made to fit your windows perfectly. Now you have bespoke tracks or poles for your windows, all that is left to do is to find curtains to hang.

How do I measure my window?

A complete and detailed instruction is provided in their site. They also double check it to ensure that the measurements are really correct before they create the bespoke tracks or poles for their clients. With their experience, they have come to know the areas where their clients find it difficult to measure their windows.


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